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Brass consists of Copper(Cu) and Zinc(Zn).  It is well known for excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.  Please visit the Brass product page for details.

Copper is well known for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.  Please visit the Copper product page for details.

Phosphor Bronze consists of Tin(Sn), Copper(Cu), and Phosphorus(P).  It is well known for excellent electrical conductivity and elastic property.


U.C. Metal is Thailand's leading stainless steel importer, we provide quality stainless materials from Taiwan, Korea and Japan.  Please contact us for your material needs.

High Carbon Steel, also known as tool steel, can often found in many applications including blades, cutting tools, coil springs, and knitting needles etc.  Please contact us for your materials needs.

​As one of the largest Copper Alloy supplier in Thailand, U.C. Metal offers quality and special materials from different sources worldwide.  Please contact us for your needs.


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U.C. Metal was established in 1993, since then we have been expanding to become one of the leading importer and distributor of non-ferrous metal in Thailand. Our fine materials come from many countries all over the world. With specialized technical know-how in non-ferrous metal material, and Precision Slitting, U.C. Metal has been supplying full range of Non-ferrous Alloys to our customers including Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and special Copper Alloy material such as Phosphor Bronze, Red Brass, Nickel Silver and many other metal materials.



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