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Brass consists of Copper(Cu) and Zinc(Zn).  It is well known for good Electrical Conductivity, good Thermal Conductivity, moderate Flexibility and excellent Resistance to Corrosion.


Brass consists of Copper(Cu) and Zinc(Zn).  It is well known for

-Good Electrical Conductivity 

-Good Thermal Conductivity 

-Moderate Flexibility

-Excellent Resistance to Corrosion. 

U.C. Metal is Thailand's leading non-ferrous metal importer, we provide quality brass strips (coils) and sheets from Taiwan, Korea and Japan, as well as special orders from other countries.  We have alloy number C2600, C2680, C2720 and C2801.  Please contact us for your material needs.


Automotive Industry: Wiring Harness, Radiator, Connector. 

Electronic Industry: Connector, Camera and Mobile Phone Component, Circuit Breaker, Electric Socket.  

Others:  Button(eyelet), Nameplate, Ornaments, Building Materials, etc.
Special Application: Brass Cathode Plate for Electroplating (Hull Cell)

Brass Specification



Width: 4mm-1220mm

Inner Diameter: 200mm-500mm

Sheet (Plate)

Thickness: 0.2mm-3.0mm

Width: up to 1220mm

Length: up to 3500mm


Specifications are customized for each customers.  Please contact us for your need.

Chemical Composition
Hardness(Temper) Guide (HV)
International Copper Alloy Standards Table

To Be Updated 

JIS=Japan | GB=China | ASTM=USA | ISO=EU | DIN=Germany | BS=UK

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